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Feed the Hungry

We are ending hunger by supporting our local delivery partners to provide meals to the 6.5 million people who suffer from food insecurity in the UK.

Nutritious Food

With your help, we are able to provide nutritious meals to the many families and individuals across the UK who are experiencing food insecurity.

Educate Families

Together we can break the cycle of food poverty in the UK. We can help to educate food insecure families on topics such as nutrition and budgeting.

Help Children

Nearly one in five children under 15 live in a food insecure home. Through provisions, awareness and education we can help reduce this number.

Raise Awareness

By working with supportive food companies and charity ambassadors, we can raise awareness of food insecurity and work together to tackle this problem.

Measurable Impact

Every donation makes a difference in helping end hunger in the UK. Every quarter, we'll update you right here on how your donation has helped.

Where does my donation go?

Our process is really simple, you will make your donation in your local Good Through Food restaurant and we will distribute that money to local organisations in YOUR area to allow them to provide meals for people who are hungry, ending hunger one meal at a time. We don't compete with your favourite charity, we fund them - all thanks to you!

Everything you need to know

You’ve chosen to donate to Good Through Food and have now paid your bill. The donation has been collected on our behalf by the restaurant partner. The donation is held until month end when it is requested by us, alongside all the other donations made by customers that month. When we receive the donations for the month from that partner, we distribute it in the following way; your donation, say £1, is distributed directly to a local, front line initiative that helps individuals and families suffering from hunger. Your £1 donation provides 2 meals for that local initiative, costed on average across the UK at 0.45p per meal, Good Through Food receives £0.10 to help support our operation. The donation goes to organisations who provide meals directly to those in need and doesn’t fund their core costs such as wages or infrastructure. For every £1 donated, we provide 2 meals.

You can support our movement in two ways, firstly, you can make a direct pledge via our online giving portal which can be accessed here. Secondly, you can donate by visiting and enjoying a meal with one of our Good Through Food partner restaurant chains located across the UK. When ordering your meal, simply ask to include the Good Through Food menu item, which represents a donation, that will be added to your bill when you pay.

Your generosity makes a massive difference. You’ll be providing a meal for someone who would otherwise be going without. In the UK, 1 in 10 adults and 1 in 4 adults with children under 18 are regularly skipping meals due to lack of money, they are food insecure. In the UK, that means that just over 6.5 million people are food insecure. Your donation helps us provide a meal for these people when they need it most.

**Food insecurity is defined as going hungry, at risk of going hungry or worried about going hungry due to not being able to afford food

That’s such a shame, but we are a new and growing movement and not everyone has had the chance to get involved yet. If you’d like to donate directly, please do so here. We are actively seeking new partnerships with restaurants and if you’d like to nominate your local restaurant, please do that here. We are starting with larger restaurant chains who have multiple locations across the UK as that’s the fastest way for us to grow our impact. We are currently developing a small business / independent business toolkit which will allow our locally focused partners to join soon, we expect this to be ready in late 2020.

Wonderful news, we’d love to chat. There’s a simple sign up process which you can complete here. If you have less than 5 sites, we have a small partner toolkit in development so you can get involved, but for now, we are busy partnering with the largest chains who can help us access as large a customer base as possible.

We have various mechanisms in place to help us identify and on-board delivery partners who provide meals for those suffering from hunger. Our objective is to provide funding to local organisations who deal with front line hunger by distributing meals and we fund that activity primarily rather than paying for staff that administer that activity. We have an in house team who actively find and engage with these local organisations and we have an application process where organisations can apply for funding to support their activities, the application process can be found here and applications will be considered by the board quarterly.

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